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I have been designing and fabricating custom furniture and other objects as a serious hobbyist for over 20 years.  Some examples are below.  Now my love of woodworking is focused on turning bowls and platters.

Some of the wood I use is obtained from hardwood suppliers.  Some I gather from felled trees, or from logs found along woodland paths.  My first platters were made from an upcycled dining table top.

I'm always looking for new species to turn,

and I enjoy the anticipation of revealing the beauty of the wood as each piece is turned.


If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Inlaid Tea Box

Goncalo alves, bird's-eye maple, walnut, mahogany, basswood

(not for sale)

Oval End Table

Mahogany, basswood, bird's-eye maple, ash, walnut

(not for sale)

Foyer Bench

Red oak

(not for sale)

Hand-carved Dish


(not for sale)


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